Purse notebook 4/5/17

Purse notebook April 5th, 2017

One of J’s student activities to do Haggadah skits. 2 boys’ skit they go to alien planet for afikomen, broken hidden piece of matzah, to unite matzah & “save the world!” She holds up her hands pinched, brings them together overhead KTCHSHHHH! like in anime found-the-fragments.

I think of lameness, safety of anime cliché of find-the-fragments; such a swot’s device – if there is a set number of things to find and the drone task is to fetch and combine them, then phew, all to do is put head down & obey teacher. When J described Qabalah principle of shattered world on other hand immediately it seemed correct to me.

My growing sense that everything was misdone long ago & the systems of the world, really our manner of being in the world, all our ways and concept of life are fundamentally wrong. Language misdone – basic elements omitted and paralyzing dogma insanely begun, made rule. Why system of only sound? Why words? Why experience language almost entirely as expression. Why expression in present – why not remembered expression?

All ideas of interrelation insane. Treatment of non-alive bodies insane. Consumption & exploitation of animals insane. Absolutely every manner of being in the world a terrible  othertimes improvisation. And now it’s gone on far too long & our buried memory-as-communication expresses itself only in this morbid samsara – doing the same thing Petey Ancestor did, come up with quickly.

But if so then is this way-of-doing-things the huge personality of a single or few single original personalities – is the world authored by them – hugely authored – when it could have been so otherwise – insipid to say this possibility is the source of sense of Personality, God, but maybe a type?

Anyhow I wonder can you see the find-the-fragments anime cliché as a hatchling hungry cry regarding this and could you sympathetically say it has some truth about it?

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