Purse notebook 5/?/17

Purse notebook May something, 2017

Norton Simon Museum

Paul Klee, “A Walk Hand in Hand”, 1921 Four figures on rocking Marian crescent moon, hairy Hockney etching line, turning stiff as bells. Chicken-headed, mask-headed, from small fingerprint house of lines and squares. Center of yellow paper, simple and important as seal. Chicken head leans down stiff & musical as Matisse dance. Mask head bent knees out, like 60s idea tiki, Oceania. Eyes all on bead wire, curve. 

Starbursts from joining places body, groins & collarbones. The connective construction of body …Triadisches Ballet – connected not as separate shapes but as a single moving form … body like a puppet, a creature of effects, joints, linked mechanism.

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