Category: Purse notebooks

Purse notebook 5/?/17

Purse notebook May something, 2017 Norton Simon Museum Paul Klee, “A Walk Hand in Hand”, 1921 Four figures on rocking Marian crescent moon, hairy Hockney etching line, turning stiff as bells. Chicken-headed, mask-headed, from small fingerprint house of lines and squares. Center of yellow paper, simple and important as seal. Chicken head leans down stiff […]

Purse notebook 5/12/17

The Frick Collection “Mistress and Maid”, Vermeer, ’67 Vermeer’s jello glow. Interior ice. Lines removed. Like a digital photo trick. A bizarrely momentary scene. Uncanny capture. The gray triangle between cheek & brow, soft dart of eyelash. The maid’s momentary could be a genre painter’s capture, except of course for extraordinary strategy, the white satin […]

Purse notebook 5/2/17

Purse notebook, May 2nd 2017 I open the window – chill within, hot & cottony without. The good smells of tree wood and cut wood; they are extending the chicken condos and somehow affecting the pool (“I don’t know what they’re doing,” asserts the kid). The chickens are fretting like coyotes – long laughs followed […]