A précis of my nonfiction works

“Light City”, Beacon Quarterly (Four Eyes issue), 2019

A personal essay on the role of viewership in art. Artworks considered: God Horus Protecting King Nectanebo II. 360-343 B.C., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; Pontormo. Carmignano Visitation. 1528-1530, propositura dei Santi Michele e Francesco, Carmignano.

“U is for Head: an Alphabet Adventure!” Arcade Materials (BLUE), edited by Sam Dolbear and Hannah Protcor, 2019

An essay in the format of museum labels at an imaginary exhibition, concerning art-objects and collections in Convolute H of Walter Benjamin’s arcades project. This essay is part of an anthology of pieces expanding on philosopher Benjamin’s unfinished Paris writings.