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The Hip and the Thigh of the Girl With the Puppy

I am working on a chapbook about human-animal transformations in art. This is an excerpt from my observation of Girl with Puppy, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1770, located in the Alte Pinokothek in Munich. Please check back periodically: I hope to have this illustrated chapbook available for purchase this summer (a lot depends on the loosening of COVID restrictions, when I will […]


My feet are bleeding because I wear heels wherever I go and because also I walk wherever I go. You can’t tell, because my shoes are red and my toes are painted red. The blue sky is pressed between the walls, and the walls shine. The shutters are open. “Madonn’,” invite the men, leaning toward […]

Purse notebook 5/?/17

Purse notebook May something, 2017 Norton Simon Museum Paul Klee, “A Walk Hand in Hand”, 1921 Four figures on rocking Marian crescent moon, hairy Hockney etching line, turning stiff as bells. Chicken-headed, mask-headed, from small fingerprint house of lines and squares. Center of yellow paper, simple and important as seal. Chicken head leans down stiff […]

Purse notebook 5/12/17

The Frick Collection “Mistress and Maid”, Vermeer, ’67 Vermeer’s jello glow. Interior ice. Lines removed. Like a digital photo trick. A bizarrely momentary scene. Uncanny capture. The gray triangle between cheek & brow, soft dart of eyelash. The maid’s momentary could be a genre painter’s capture, except of course for extraordinary strategy, the white satin […]

Purse notebook 7/7/16

I will share selections from my purse notebooks on this blog until I don’t want to anymore. July 7th, 2016 (Tanabata!) Artificial grass always in stock. A truck in official uniform, dayglo and b & w stripes, a fan of candy-turquoise plant food or pesticide from its bed to the ground. The palms, the sound […]

Purse notebook 11/?/16

I will share selections from my purse notebooks on this blog until I decide against it. Nov something, ’16 SCROLL – DONG QICHANG “WINTER LANDSCAPE IN THE STYLE OF LI CHEN AND CALLIGRAPHY” Ming, Wanti reign, 1613 I am not looking at it now – sitting down round the corner to write. Sugarloaf cuts on […]