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Man Two / Enkidu

The man is walking like a horse. His back is a low range of heaps, like the San Gabriels. His back is proceeding. The man is tiger-faced and cloven-hoofed. He has a great sense of his own foolishness. This is the man-face, this is the man-life. He is walking on four hands. The head on […]

Man One / Small Town

The man is on his chair in his house in the village. Behold the man amid his Shaker furniture. The man’s white dishes grow gray as fish in the slanted light at the end of the day. The funny man is rattling in his chair like a car over spikes. He is filmed with a […]

Thrilled to receive my copy of Arcade Materials: Blue, in which you will find my piece “U is for Head: an Alphabet Adventure!” (here printed as “U is for Head: an Alphabetic Collection”). This volume is the third of a trio of monographs on Walter Benjamin’s arcades project. My piece engages with convolute H. I […]

Mi Casa

Last night I dreamt that my lover died. I was amazed by the news. At first I didn’t weep. I wept when I had the thought that he could no longer speak his own name. What a relief to wake up. In real life I head home in the late afternoon. I am turning toward […]


Image: Jean Shrimpton by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1966 The designations of experience were ad hoc and we have done ourselves a disservice by allowing them to become customary law. We had at some point to say, for the sake of efficiency, “this experience has mostly to do with the nose and so we will […]