Purse notebook 5/17/16

I will share selections from my purse notebooks on this blog until I don’t want to anymore.

May 17th, 2016

The most beautiful Californian charity fiasco – 2 expensive cars, brilliant and unwieldy as sharks in armor, both silver, stand nose to nose strip mall parking lot. Man in ski sunglasses indicates smiling that he wants the spot the smiling woman with the circle of natural hair blocks. She says Yes, of course, with her hand. An agonizing 3 point turn goes on for longer than you’d think possible. Begins to look not like deliberate action but like the incidental rise and fall of flotsam on surface ocean. The spot is free. Now, with great geographical decisiveness but no speed, the smiling man pulls up to the curb, tires into the last third of the next spot, which is No Parking – tires one third over the blue stripes of the next spot’s No Parking grid.

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