Purse notebook 7/7/16

I will share selections from my purse notebooks on this blog until I don’t want to anymore.

July 7th, 2016 (Tanabata!)

Artificial grass always in stock. A truck in official uniform, dayglo and b & w stripes, a fan of candy-turquoise plant food or pesticide from its bed to the ground.

The palms, the sound wall, our car in the hub of a semi.

MoLAA. Sergio Hernández “Birth of Death”. ’92 and looks it. Litho on paper. Raspberry stains on coco brown wash. A Basquiatian chaotic cartoon ant farm, bad boy’s Polly Pocket, less mayhem than I intially thought, a thick-stroked but sometimes affectedly unsure, redone line, pretend stiffness in skull like bad tattooist, but the childish rounded legs of the kneeling horselike creature and the backs of bird rowers demonstrate ease of hand – the sort I like. Surprised anteater. Skull cunnilingus on crocodile-headed woman, bird tugs tail of deathshead snake from earth, licking skull at height sprays the berry and Xian thorns & shadows which may be roses. The rowers and runners and beautiful bugs like stone paintings.

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